My Sweet Promise

to you

Sweet Walks Vip Pet Care Beverly Hills vows to give your beloved furry friends the finest treatment.

We offer traditional pet sitting and dog walking and the following specialized services:

doggie playdates; doggie group adventures; pet concierge; pet taxi; pup parties; Doggy and Me yoga and meditation; and dog massage.

My name is Marina Veronica and I am the founder of Sweet Walks VIP Pet Care Beverly Hills. I feel honored when my customers trust me with their dear pets. I have a profound love for animals and treat them with loving kindness when they are placed in my care. 

Pets deserve to be cherished. Their needs must always be met. It is in the spirit of love and service that Sweet Walks came to be. ​​

Sweet Walks VIP Pet Care Service (Founded December 2018 in Boulder, CO)

Sweet Walks VIP Pet Care Beverly Hills (Founded February 2020 in Beverly Hills, CA)


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Sweet Walks VIP Pet Care

325 N Maple Drive #5167, Beverly Hills, CA 90209 ​