Specialized Services


Pet and House Sitting

Overnight Pet Care in Your Domain

With my overnight service you can rest assured that your dogs will feel safe and well-cared for in the comfort of their own home. Each overnight stay includes sweet cuddles; petting and playtime; daily meals; and bedtime meditation. 10 hours 

Day Visits for Dogs and Cats  

Need a weekend getaway? Too busy with work or your social life to properly care for your pet? Day visits include a walk in your neighborhood; petting and playtime; and one meal. 2 hours and up. 

Home Care

Need someone to take care of house-related duties, appointments or errands while you are away? Home service may include mail collection; adjusting lights and blinds; watering plants and gardens; shopping; waiting for important deliveries; and supervising construction and repair. 2 hours and up.

Dog Walking and Playtime

Dog Walks 

Service includes dog walks in your neighborhood for 1-2 dogs in your family.  2-hour minimum.


In-home supervision provided for your pups and their pals ( 2 - 4 dogs) on your property. 2-hour minimum. 

Doggie Adventures

Fun outings for your pups at the beach or in the mountains. Includes pick up and drop off transportation service at one location for 1 - 2 dogs. 4-hour minimum. 

Pampering Services

Pet Concierge 

Need a sitter to accompany your dogs to scheduled appointments like the vet or the dog groomer? Pet concierge includes pick up and drop off transport service from one location. 2 hours and up. 

Pup Parties 

Enjoy a catered event designed to impress your professional or social contacts while warming their hearts. I'll help you choose the perfect menu for your guests and a selection of yummy treats for your pups and their friends made from my own recipes.  

In-Home Doggy Meditation Sessions 

Meditative doggy sessions can help reduce stress and calm nervous or ultra hyper dogs. As a long-time meditator, I'll help your dogs find their Zen vibe. 2 hours and up.

Pet Portraits

Would you like to have your dogs’ unique personalities captured through photographic portraiture? My artistic vision and style is sure to make your dogs sparkle.