Specialized Services

Pet Sitting

In-Home Overnight Care for Dogs and Cats

(10-12 hours)

Overnight stays include the following house duties: mail collection; simple adjustments of lights, blinds or curtains.

Customized rates

Home Visits for Cats

30, 45 or 60-minute visits

Customized rates 

House Duties

(i.e. Awaiting deliveries; watering plants and gardens; food shopping; laundry; dry cleaning delivery; house supervision for installations, repairs and maintenance)

30, 45, 60, 90-minute visits

Customized rates

Dog Walking and Playtime

Dog Walks, Doggie Playtime and Dog Park Visits

30, 60, 90 or 120-minutes

Customized rates


Playdate supervision for doggie buddies

$100 per hour for 2 dogs (owner's dog + 1 doggie buddy)

Additional $25 per hour for each additional doggie buddy

(6-dog maximum per playdate)

Doggie Adventures

Small Group Outings for Dogs 

Minimum: 2 dogs; Maximum: 4 dogs

Includes pick up and drop off taxi service

Dogs are grouped by neighborhood

Customized rates

Pampering Packages

Concierge Services

Pick up and drop off taxi services to assist your pets with their scheduled appointments (i.e. grooming, spa services, playdates, travel plans)

Customized rates

Dog Massages

Soothing and relaxing massage treatments for your dogs. 

$50 per 30-minute session 

Pup Parties 

Catered parties for dogs and their owners. Let us design your next themed party for your professional colleagues or friends with a menu of delicious beverages and treats for your guests and their four-legged pals.

Customized rates

Doggy and Me Meditation and Yoga Classes 

Yoga and Meditation classes for you and your dog. Reduces anxiety and helps hyper dogs become more calm. (Dogs with relaxed demeanors are also encouraged to participate).

Meditation: Incorporates sitting and walking meditation with your dog. Session duration: 30 minutes 

Yoga: Incorporates stretching, massaging and integrative poses with your dog. Session duration: 30 minutes

Private session: $50 for 30 minutes (1 dog/owner)

Group session: $25 for 30 minutes (1 dog/owner)

(Top image: Flo and Wendell  by photographer William Wegman, 2014)


It would be my pleasure to provide the finest care for your beloved pets. Call or text me to schedule your complimentary pet consultation.

Marina Veronica
Sweet Walks VIP Pet Care


Sweet Walks VIP Pet Care

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