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Specialized Services

Dog Walks, Dog Workouts, Pup Playdates, Dog Day Care

Dog Walks, Workouts & Hikes; Pup Playdates; Doggie Daycare

Dog Walks

Dog Workouts & Hikes

Fun individualized workouts or hikes for your dog in the park, at the beach, in the mountains or around your neighborhood. Includes pick up and drop off transportation service. 

Pup Playdates 

In-home supervision for your pup and their pals. 

Doggie Daycare

Personalized dog care for your fur baby. Pick up and drop off transportation service. ​​

Pampering Services

Overnight Care and  Daytime Visits

Exclusive, attentive and loving care for your dog. Overnight care is provided in your domain. Daytime visits include walks in the neighborhood; dog workouts; or excursions in nature. 


Pet Concierge 

Chaperoned visits to scheduled appointments like the vet or the dog groomer. Includes pick up and/or drop off transportation service. 

Pup Parties 

Catered events designed to impress your guests and their pups while warming their hearts. 

Doggie Meditation Sessions 

Meditation can help reduce stress and calm nervous or ultra-hyper dogs. As a long-time practitioner, I'll help your dog find their Zen vibe. 


Pet Portraits

Your dog has a unique personality. My photographic portraiture applies artistic vision and style is sure to make your dog sparkle.

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