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8 Signs you are obsessed with your dog: #5 and #6

#5 You include them in family portraits

Your happy doggie is always in the family portrait. You may have even gone as far as asking a photography studio if you can also bring them in for a solo portrait! Why not include them in your portrait? They are as much a part of your family as your parents. You care about them, they care about you. You are always delighted to see them, they are always delighted to see you. You share your food, they … well, you probably shouldn’t share food.

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Photo: Getty Images

#6 They are groomed to perfection.

Your doggie is fabulous and it doesn’t matter who knows. They receive the full treatment from the groomer or maybe you do it yourself. The sky is the limit as far as they are concerned. And who cares if their washing, trim and blowing are more than yours? They are worth it.

Photo: Getty Images

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