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Which professional football mascot has the name of a domestic cat?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Here are 7 clues about this domestic feline to help you guess:

1. Male kittens are sterile, as is true of many hybrids. Second generation males (F2s) are sterile as well, and only about 50% of the third generation males 

2. Attractive: spotted or marbled

2. Playful, energetic and active

3. Become faithful, affectionate, fun-loving friends - if you meet them halfway and give them the love they need in return

3. Intelligent and curious

4. Enjoy learning new behaviors

5. Learn very quickly and may learn tricks you’d rather they hadn't - like turning on and off light switches, opening doors, and flushing toilets 

6. Relish their freedom; they dislike being held or restrained

7. Originated as a hybrid of a domestic cat and leopard cat

Mascot for Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengal domestic cat

Answer: Cincinnati Bengals


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