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Which breed is the live mascot for Yale, Univ of Georgia, Mississippi State and Butler University ?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

More about these star mascots:

1. Handsome Dan is the live mascot for Yale. Yale was the first university in the United States to adopt a mascot, a tradition starting back in 1889.

2. University of Georgia's mascot Uga wears jerseys each season custom-made from the same material used for the players’ jerseys!

3. When the first Bully’s life was cut short by an accident, the Mississippi State's campus observed days of mourning, a half-mile funeral procession and burial under the bench at the 50-yard line.

4. Blue III at Butler University has his own van and even a children’s book titled after him named “Good Boy, Blue!”

Bully from Mississippi State

Handsome Dan from Yale

Blue III from Butler University

Uga IX from University of Georgia

Answer: The Bulldog

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