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The Art of Kong Stuffing/ A Kong Recipe: Banana and Honey

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The Art of Kong Stuffing

The art of kong stuffing is not difficult to learn, but there are requirements for them to work, both for the dog and the human to be satisfied.

First you need to decide what the kong is for. Is it a meal in itself? A reward for being good? A treat to be left with when you go out between meals?

Whatever the function, there are some rules to follow. 1.  The filling has to be at the correct consistency. If it is too hard to get out, your dog will become frustrated and bored with it. If it is too soft, then it will go too fast and the dog will be left feeling unsatisfied and bored. 2. It has to be the correct kong, as in the correct size and density for the dog’s mouth and tongue. You do not want the dog to eat the kong- or you will end up with a huge vet bill! 3. Until the dog understands the concept of eating from a kong, never leave him alone and unsupervised. 4. A kong is not a toy. It is yours not the dog’s; and it is given by you as a powerful training and bonding aid. 5. It has to taste good for your dog and have healthy ingredients.

How to Fill the Kong The stuffing needs to be firm but not hard…about the consistency of pate of soft cheese to begin with. It is easier to fill a kong while it is still warm. or at least at room temperature; you can then leave it in the fridge overnight to firm up to the consistency of firm chilled pate. As the dog works at the filling it will soften with the warmth of his/her paws and the action of the saliva. Frozen kongs are good as a treat on hot days and help add more fluids into the system.

Size and Type Check the information on the packet. If your dog can destroy hard substances, then you will need the heavy black kong. If you have a puppy you are kong training, then the soft light blue one will be best. Kong Recipe: Banana and Honey Cut the end of a ripe banana (2 if using the large kong) and block the small hole at the bottom of the kong. Slice 3 or 4 thin pieces and put to one side. Mash the remaining banana in a bowl Add a tablespoon of honey and mix Fill kong with banana mash Place the sliced pieces on the top sealing the large end. Smear with a little honey and put in fridge to chill for at least an hour.

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