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Doggy and Me Indoors: Heeling and Dancing

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Heeling: Simply set up “poles” using folding chairs, orange cones, unused toilet plungers, or even people, and instruct your dog to heel alongside you as you weave between them, changing your pace from fast to slow. Think of it as being similar to a slalom course in skiing.

The benefits: Your dog has to concentrate harder on following you as you quickly change direction. Also, because he’ll stay at your left side as you quickly weave left and right, he’ll have to adjust his pace to be slower and faster, respectively, which is what your personal trainer would call interval training. Add even more of a workout by running the entire course.

Dancing: Dim the lights, put on dancing music and dance with your dog around the room. Engage in free style dancing or hold your dog's front paws while you take the lead.

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