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Which dog breed delivered cigarettes to soldiers in WWI?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Still not sure?

Here are 10 Interesting Facts to help you guess:

1. Playful, Alert and Adaptable

2. Bred with terriers and pugs in the making

3. Popular across Europe and the United States by the end of the 19th century

4. Got its nickname in 1896

5. King Edward VII had one named Peter who was his companion

6. Tatiana Romanov had one named Ortipo who was unfortunately killed by palace guards annoyed by his barking

7. Bat-ears became the new standard from rose-shaped ears in 1898

8. Part of Parisian nightlife in the late 19th century

9. Painted by the Pop artist Andy Warhol

10. Loved and owned by designer Yves St Laurent and placed on his season's greeting poster

Yves St. Laurent with his dog

Yves St Laurent poster

Two Frenchies

Answer: The French Bulldog


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