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Which famous artist painted this crouching feline in the jungle?

Here are 10 clues:

1. It was the first of around 20 ‘jungle’ paintings that the artist produced, which are among his most popular works.

2. The jungles are entirely imaginary: the artist never left France,

3. The foliage is a mix of domestic house plants and tropical varieties, which the artist had seen at the Botanical Gardens in Paris.

4. He was a self-taught amateur artist who took up painting as a hobby.

5. A number of avant-garde artists, including Picasso, hailed him as an important figure.

6. He is now seen as a pioneer of ‘naïve art’.

7. The work shows a tiger about to pounce on a group of people. (Since we do not see them, we must imagine they are there).

8. The oil painting is titled Surprised!

9. It was painted in 1891.

10. It is owned by the National Gallery in London.

Answer: Henri Rousseau


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