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Dog Treat Recipe: Green Kale Popsicle Bites

Updated: Apr 6, 2020


1 cup of Kale 2 tsp of Coconut Oil 1/4 cup of Ginger Flavored Water

How to prepare:

-Combine and mix ingredients in a blender or food processor.(fill it up only halfway.) -Freeze for about 2 hours in regular or paw print ice cube trays. (Paw print ice cube trays create a cute treat and feeds 25 animals when purchased from

How to serve: Give the ice pops to your dog as a treat or add them to your dog's water bowl.

*Check with your vet first before introducing a new food to your dog's diet. And if you do begin to give your dog this treat, be sure to start with small quantities. As always with any food, if you see behavioral changes or digestive issues call your vet.

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