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Soldier Dogs: Inside the Minds of Military Marvels

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Lt. Col. Edwin Hautenville Richardson wrote his book British War Dogs: Their Training and Psychology in 1920. He was generations ahead of his time.

About military dogs he trained, the “canine-loving eccentric” author came to the following conclusions:

Dogs were telepathic.

Dogs could sense disquieted spirits that haunted the living.

Dogs were sentient, feeling beings.

Dogs could reason and act with a set of rudimentary morals.

Dogs had souls.

Dogs were great war messengers (They would not get lost in the dark nor become disoriented and confused. They could keep to their assigned courses).

Dogs ran faster than their human counterparts, covering the same distance often in half the time of even a sure-footed soldier.

(Excerpts from Rebecca Frankel’s JStor article "The Dog Whisperer" in

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