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The 10 most famous dogs in history: Dog #5, who traveled over 2500 miles in search of his family

Dog #5: Bobbie the Wonder Dog

Many of us include our pups with us on trips. This was the case, too, for the Braziers when they drove from Silverton, Oregon to Wolcott, Indiana to visit family with their two young daughters and family pet, Bobbie, a Scotch-Collie and English Shepherd mix. After a scuffle with a few stray dogs, Bobbie took off. The Brazier family, sadly, had to return home to Oregon and despite leaving behind instructions should the pup turn up, they believed they’d never see their family pet again.

They were in for a shock, however, when 6 months later, Bobbie turned up scratching and pawing at his owner’s front door. Closer inspection showed that Bobbie had crossed over 2,500 miles in the cold season of winter to be reunited with the Braziers. In a matter of weeks, Bobbie’s story became national news and he was thrust into the spotlight. His stardom brought even more stories, many from people who claimed to have helped him on his journey, feeding him scraps, giving him water, or tending to his scraped-up paws.

He gained so much attention that in 1924, Bobbie even starred in a silent film. In 1927, Bobbie was buried at the pet cemetery ran by the Oregon Humane Society. Today, this is one of the most famous dogs in history that we know of. Tourists from all over the world can visit this faithful pup’s grave as well as view a 70-foot mural honoring his journey in downtown Silverton, the home he traveled so many miles to return to.

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