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The 10 most famous dogs in history: Dog #8 - Sigmund Freud's dog!

Dog #8: Jofi, the Chow Chow

Sigmund Freud is a well-known name in the world of psychology. Several psychoanalytical theories were imparted by Freud and most everyone, even if not interested in psychology, know his name. But many may not know his great affection for dogs, particularly the Chow-Chow breed. While he came to own many dogs during his career as the pioneer of psychoanalysis, none compared to Jofi (sometimes spelled Yofi).

Freud was infatuated with his canine counterpart and believed that dogs, especially Jofi, held the ability to read humans. He even enlisted her to help him study patients by noting her own sense of calm or sense of wariness around the strangers. Freud ascertained that a relaxed Jofi meant his patient was relaxed whereas a stand-offish Jofi meant his patient was anxious.

The intelligent, gentle Chow-Chow became such a staple in her master’s office that she began to internalize the duration of the famous doctor’s sessions. When Jofi got from her resting spot and headed for the door, Freud knew that it had been exactly 50-minutes since the session began and could politely tell his patients, “Time’s up!” As Freud's name was becoming more popular, so did his pup became one of the most famous dogs in history.

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