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The 10 Most Famous Dogs in History: Dog Star #2, The Unofficial Doggie Mascot of Warner Bros

#2. Rin Tin Tin, the German Shepherd

Perhaps not only one of the most famous dogs in history but also the most famous of his breed, Rin Tin Tin was found in war-ravaged France during WWI and adopted by an American soldier named Lee Duncan. The rest of Rinty’s – an affectionate nickname he would come to be called – litter, sadly, didn’t make it. In his new life in Los Angeles, Rin Tin Tin was catapulted to stardom when he caught the eye of a filmmaker at a dog show where he reportedly jumped 12-feet high.

Shortly thereafter, Rin Tin Tin came to star in nearly 30 films, many of which were written specifically for him. Before his sudden death – which left his owner devastated – Rinty was the unofficial doggie mascot of Warner Bros. Studios, effectively saving the small studio from bankruptcy.

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