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Which culture first domesticated dogs?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This gypsum wall panel relief depicts huntsmen with hounds under palm trees. Neo-Assyrian Period, reign of Ashurbanipal II, 645-635 BCE. Panel 13, Room E of the North Palace at Nineveh (Kouyunjik), Northern Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq. (The British Museum, London)


Answer: The Assyrians (from Northern Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq) were the first to domesticate dogs. A dog's purpose was to hunt and protect, herd sheep, and be a companion. During daily meals, to show their gratitude for their dog's company, owners were to always reserve three morsels of food for the dog.

So giving your dog table scraps isn't a bad idea after all. (*Only give dogs food that is safe for them to eat! Check out my blog posts on what dogs can and cannot eat under "Did you know..?").

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