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Bad dog? No, he's just a teenager!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Dogs do not go from being puppies to adults.. They experience being teenagers, just like humans. They shouldn't be considered "bad dogs." They are just going through a growth phase. For most dogs, this happens between the ages of about 6 months to 2 years.

A primary reason for abandoning dogs in shelters is behavioral! And unfortunately, many returned dogs become euthanized. Exercising some loving patience is absolutely essential.

Signs your dog may exhibit as a teenager:

  • Increasing sensitivity and less self-control. A sound or a movement that used to be familiar is now upsetting.

  • Increasing phobias

  • Ignoring your commands

  • Jumping

  • Climbing on furniture ( "a sign of a vestibular system challenging itself")

  • Showing aggression or fear towards other animals or people

  • Chewing things (to "lower stress hormone levels")

  • Licking

  • Expressing new vocalizations

  • Pooping in the house.

So love your furry friend as they go through their transitional stage, for they will surely become one of the most cherished members of your family!

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