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Give your dog a way to call you!

It seems everyone has a smartphone these days….does your dog? Ridiculous you say? But what if you are gone and you want to know that your dog is okay…what he wants to call you?

Your dog or cat will soon be able to do just that with the forthcoming launch of the PetChatz® HD PawCall™ accessory, a landmark technology that lets pets initiate two-way video chats with the press of a button placed on your household’s floor. The PawCall will connect with the new PetChatz HD, an updated version of the previously released PetChatz “Greet & Treat®” videophone, allowing pet parents to connect with their pets from anywhere, anytime through their smartphones, tablets or computers.

“We created the first PetChatz to give parents peace of mind that they could check in on their pets at any time to be sure they are happy and safe,” said Lisa Lavin, PetChatz founder and CEO. “Now, PetChatz HD and the PawCall accessory complete the circle to enable true two-way communications between pet and parent – all in high definition video with premium audio. This is true ‘home alone enrichment’ for pets, where we now can empower pets to reach out to us. We believe this will forever change the pet-parent bond.”

How does it work?

PetChatz HD mounts to a wall in your home, connects to your in-home wireless network and lets you stay in touch with your pet to have two-way video chats, dispense treats and give scents from anywhere, anytime with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

When pet parents want their pets to know they can call them, they schedule call times in the PetChatz web app, which causes the paw-shaped light on the PawCall button to blink. Pets can then press the PawCall button to let their pet parent know they want to chat. (once they trained of course. See below).

And when your dog presses that button…?

Depending on your settings, you either receive a text or an email to your phone letting you know your dog wants to chat. You then call them through your PetChatz web or mobile app just like you would anytime you want to connect with your pet.

There is NO monthly fee – which is a good news, since most high-tech pet products have monthly fees associated with them. However, do they have rather a steep initial price tag – the PetChatz HD is $379.99 and the PawCall is $99.99. So for both you’ll be in almost $480.

Watch a video on how the PetChatzHD with PawCall works:


You may be wondering how hard it is to train your dog to hit a button that lights up. According to a company representative who spoke to “It’s very simple! Pet parents use a ‘classic conditioning’ method, training your pet to come to PetChatz when you call, as well as to press the PawCall button when it flashes, is a simple process that takes just a few training steps. PawCall will have a training guide developed by a certified pet behaviorist included in its packaging.”

In other words, positive reinforcement training and a bit of time is all it takes. Of course, your dog has to see the light and if he has the run of the house, he may not notice that it’s on for a bit.


Unfortunately, you can’t run out and buy this in time for your holiday travels – so no “Merry Christmas” to your dog stuck in snowy Boston while you are lying on the beach in Hawaii.

Estimated delivery for PetChatz HD is January 2016. Estimated delivery of PawCall is February 2016.

Article: "New Device Lets Your Pet Call You"

by Kristina Lotz.


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