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Can Kale help dogs fight off infections?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Absolutely! Plus there are other benefits to feeding your dog kale.

1. Vitamins K, A and C -can aid in higher energy levels, blood and muscle health, a better immune system and comes with the potential to fight cancer as well as other inflammatory diseases.

2. High in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron which support healthy bones, and a healthy heart.

3. It’s a low-calorie treat that tastes good.

4. It helps with digestion.

5. It is a great source of two main antioxidants (lutein and zeaxanthin) which can protect against cancer.

6. It's vitamin-packed so it can support vision and colon health and liver detoxification - in addition to fighting off infections. 

How to prepare Kale for your dog:

  1. Buy organic when you can! 

  2. Thoroughly wash the kale before feeding to your pup in order to remove as many pesticides as possible from the leaves. 

  3. Try a puree. Because your dog’s digestive system is different than yours, chopping or pureeing this leafy green will make it easier to eat and digest.

  4. You can feed your pup cooked, steamed or raw - whichever way your pup prefers for it to be prepared.

  5. A balanced diet is key! Always serve kale or other leafy greens with a source of protein like chicken or beef.

  6. Avoid any additives. Adding in spices, oils and other herbs can be toxic to your dog. Make sure to serve plain or with other vegetables if they aren’t fond of the taste.

  7. Serve moderately. In order to avoid any negative side effects - introduce any new food slowly. When served and prepared correctly, kale can be a wonderful addition to your dog’s diet.

So the next time you make kale to help boost your own immune system, share the goodness with your furry pal!

*Before introducing any new food or supplement into your dog’s diet, it’s always best practice to consult your vet. However, in the end, the decision is yours. Make sure to do your own research, and gather many sources of information before making the decision.

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