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Which dog was an exterminator in Scotland ?

Still not sure?

Here are 10 Facts:

1. Courageous, Good-Tempered and Canny

2. Dog of style, elegance and dignity

3. Bred in Scotland's remote isle of Skye

4. Originally bred by farmers to control the fox and badger population

5. Became a favorite of British nobles

6. Queen Victoria championed the breed in the late 19th century

7. Peekaboo hairdo

8. Hair covering forehead and eyes serve as protection from brush and briar and serious encounters with other animals

9. Member of the Terrier group

10. When in profile, this breed looks twice as long as high

Answer: The Skye Terrier

Painting: Alex Katz, Dog at Duck Trap, 1975

Source of text and photo of dog:

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